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Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:Cincinatti, Ohio, United States of America
Kisten Felps from the Hollows series by Kim Harrison (caution, spoilers).

Kisten is running Piscary's in the master vampire's absence and acting as his scion although Ivy is his true scion. Kisten speaks with a lowbrow London accent although it's completely fake. He grew up in Cincinnati groomed to make pretty living vampire babies with Ivy Tamwood to continue Piscary's elite line. That's not going so well for Piscary. Although he does adore Ivy it's more like siblings than lovers, though they do indulge occasionally.

Kisten can give off pheremones to attract people, he has been known to sleep with both men (Piscary) as well as women (there's a list). He also has abnormal speed and strength, even when he isn't Piscary's scion he can take out seven trained fighters on his own. Fighters with guns. Kisten has a thing for stronger partners (he's naturally submissive though he's a very aggressive sub). He's interested in Rachel although he knows Ivy would kill him if he shared blood with her.

He does drink blood, and has no issues with doing so. Because he's a living vampire he doesn't have any of the traditional weaknesses. He can go out in sunlight (although it might give him a headache at noon), eat garlic, touch crosses, walk on holy ground. His teeth aren't as long as a dead vampire. Once he has died he will rise as a full Vampire missing his soul and all the traditional weaknesses take effect but his strength and compulsion will be amped up to the max.

I'm playing Kisten pre death obviously so he's still a living vampire. So pre-death post Piscary's arrest and pre dating Rachel. His PB is Anderson Dornelles.
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